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The Bedroom Rave is a one off party event that takes place once, or sometimes twice a year. Since its inception in back in 2013, the Bedroom Rave has grown into one of London’s best secret underground parties for those who know about great music.

The party opens it’s doors to like-minded individuals who love to dance the night away to great music, played by some of the best up and coming DJ talent the world has to offer. We don’t advertise our party to the masses; we don’t charge you to come in. All we ask is that you come to have a great time in the name of music and embrace the spirit of early dance culture.

We pride ourselves on delivering one of the best and most welcoming crowds you will find at any underground party in London and the music is always first class. To find out when the next party, you’ll need to find and like the Bedroom Rave Page on Facebook, then keep an eye out for our updates.