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Ken Aki

Ken Aki

Ever since Ken Aki was a child, he was fascinated by the sounds around him, as if each of them were a kind of music. Years later he decided to channel that fascination and surrender himself to the beats of music. Music became the best way to express his feelings and let his emotions run free. From deep house to techno, Ken Aki’s mixes are influenced by many other musical styles such as Trip Hop, Funk, Blues, Pop, Jazz and Hip Hop. When asked he will tell you that harmony and melody are the key to mixing and producing good music. He considers music a sensual journey which is enchanting and mystical; a journey which only makes sense when shared with somebody else.

Ken Aki looks for musical inspiration in places such as Barcelona and Ibiza, which is where fate intervened one trip to the White Isle and he met the Violent Blondes. After the Blondes travelled to Toulouse to watch Ken Aki headline at a private party in his hometown of Toulouse, his invitation to play at the Bedroom Rave was imminent.

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